Great non-development podcasts for developers (or anybody else)

Podcasts make you smarter. Podcasts help you keep educating yourself. Podcast fill the gaps of boredom in the commute. Podcasts are great and help me practise my english. I’m a fan of podcasts, can you see?

So here’s a list of podcasts that I listen to, in no particular order, but only those not focused on development issues. Because I strongly believe that widening your views to different themes and subjects will make you improve as a person as well as a professional.

  • Exponent: Two guys talking about the technology and business world, and giving their opinions on that. But they have thought so much about it, that their opinions are really an excellent insight in all of the subjects they tackle. Actually this podcast inspired me to start my own videocast about Brazilian Zouk, the dance that my alter-ego, the dance teacher, practise.
  • Freakonomics: The first one I started to listen to, after reading the books from the same guys, Freakonomics and Superfreakonomics. They teach you a lot about how the world really works; not economy, but reality.
  • StarTalk: Neil deGrasse Tyson in a series of interviews talking about science and astronomy with notable people but totally unrelated to the field. Always fun and interesting.
  • Stuff you should know: Imagine a thing you wanna know how it work, how it came to be, or how is it going. If they didn’t talk about it in this podcast, they will do it soon for sure. And amazing source of generalist knowledge.

There are more podcasts in my playlist, but those four are a great place to start if you are not into podcasts. Or if you want to amplify the spectrum of your knowledge.


So, what do you think ?